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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does your paralegal company charge for legal services?

A. Our firm charges either based on an hourly rate or  a flat rate for certain services.

Q. Do I need to provide you money up front for you to work on my case?

A. Our firm does require a monetary retainer up front to start work on a file. The amount of the monetary retainer will depend on the case.  All retainer monies received are deposited to our trust account. KES PARALEGAL cannot touch the money unless our firm is paying court fees directly to the court, or once a paralegal has completed the services. Our firm then issues and sends an invoice to our client. For your convenience we accept retainer funds by  credit card, e-mail money transfer or cash.

Q. Are there hidden costs?

A. In addition to fees for services, you will be responsible for costs that we may incur in connection with representation. These costs include, for example, charges for telephone calls, telecopier costs, messengers, photocopy and document reproduction, computerized research, travel and filing fees. 

Q. Can I claim your legal fees in a small claims court matter?

A. You cannot directly claim our legal fees. However, if a paralegal represents you at trial and you are successful at trial the paralegal will ask the judge for a representation fee. The successful party at trial who is represented by a paralegal or a lawyer can ask the judge for a representation fee of up to 15% of the amount of the claim. A successful party who sued for $25,000.00 can obtain a representation fee of up to $3,750.00. (See Small Claims Court Rule 19.04 and section 29 of the Court of Justice Act)

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